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The water and waste water company of hormozgan province is committed to using efficient human resources, development of advanced technology research, having a city in province with an effective administrative and managerial structure, the contribution of private sector in way that District Provincial and international Community has access to adequate and safe drinking water as well as collection facilities, access to  transfer and sanitary treatment of sewage and be the frontier in protecting the environment, water resources and provide the health care to all citizens

The company by economic approach in mind and to prevent from waste of natural resources, we use variety of technologies and scientifically research approaches based on standards and advanced technologies on offered services and has set the target to maintains the underground resources as well as special regards to the Persian gulf region. The human resources of Water and waste water of Hormozgan province as a valuable asset of the organization with the purpose of Continuous improvement in empowered work processes trying to attract customer's satisfactions.            

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